Working on updates

As you will note my site is a bit behind the power curve, sorry I have been so busy I am not sure I still have a life. In the next month I hope to have someone taking care of my site for me then I will keep working on art contracts.


Mad Atom Studios: Bigger, Better, Badder!

Welcome to the new Mad Atom Studios!

I’ve just uploaded WordPress for the first time, using it to replace my old HTML website.  All of the same artwork samples are still here, but expect to see more in the near future. Until then, some new (and old) stuff can be found at my Deviant Art page:

On the comic book front, my Atlas GN from Bluewater Productions came out a month ago! You can find it at Comic book stores anywhere. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it!

Also, my work with Micro Brew Comics is still in high gear. We have three issues of The Adventures of Doctor Zombie out and two issues of Steve Lawlis: Zombieville USA out. Expect the fourth issue of DZ and the third and final issue of SL out at next year’s Emerald City Comicon, as well as a new anthology project called Mash Tun. This book will be full of neat stories and artwork!

-Erik Thompson

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